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Developers of designing, Executives evaluating Salesforce, Salesforce administrators,
Project managers and individuals looking to build a career in Salesforce would benefit from this Salesforce CPQ Certification Training.

  • Salesforce Certification Aligned Course
  • 25 Hours
  • 18 Assignments
  • 2 Projects

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    Salesforce CPQ Course Syllabus

    Administrators who are CPQ certified earn an average salary of USD 98,000 per year.


    Our Salesforce CPQ training focuses on developing the fundamental skills required to execute CPQ solutions successfully. In training with real-time examples, you gain deep insight into quoting processes, pricing methods, configuration, CPQ object data models, and more.


    In addition to hands-on training, we will help you clear the Salesforce CPQ Certification exam by involving you in real-world scenarios.

    Course Content:

    1. CPQ object data model in Detail – Not Limited to object relationships, twin fields, data migration
    2. Package Setting & Products, Update Package Settings, Update Product Fields
    3. Updating CPQ layouts
    4. Customizing your Tabs demo
    1. Creating an Account
    2. Contact
    3. Opportunity
    4. Quote
    1. Product Bundle Settings
    2. Product Families
    3. Nested bundles
    4. Advanced grouping
    5. Summary Variable
    6. Create Features, Product Options, Option Constraints, Configuration Attributes for a Bundle
    1. Create a Product Rule
    2. Selection Product Rules
    3. Validation Product Rule
    4. Configuration Attributes
    1. Create a Dynamic Bundle
    1. Alternate Quote Line Views
    1. Configuring search filters and field sets.
    2. Configuring custom actions for product selection
    3. Pricing
    4. Price Waterfall
    5. Create a Discount Schedule
    6. Pricing Methods & Price book entries
    7. Contracted & Subscription Pricing
    8. Configure price rules using lookup objects and formula fields and understand quote calculation
    9. sequence and quote line pricing fields.
    10. Price Action sources including static values, Summary Variables, formulas, and Lookup tables
    11. Calculation events, conditions, Lookup objects & Lookup Queries
    12. Multi-Dimensional Quotation (MDQ)
    1. Create Price Rules & Formula expressions for price rules
    2. Pricing Methods, Cost plus markup Pricing
    3. Block with discount schedule
    4. Discounting tools (Standard and Tier Based discount
    5. Advanced approvals
    1. Utilize the ordering and contracting process.
    2. Contract Lifecycle
    3. Create a Contract and Renewal Opportunity
    4. Amend a Contract
    5. Create a Renewal Quote
    1. Quote Template Basics & Advanced quote template topics
    2. Custom Quote Template & Custom Template Content
    3. Generating dynamic output documents using Conditional Template Content
    1. Create Custom Action & Default Action
    2. Composite summary variables
    3. Target URL in custom actions
    1. Quote Process
    2. Process Input
    3. Process Input Condition
    1. Certification Questions discussion
    1. Advanced Approvals New Introduction
    2. Enabling Quote Doc
    3. Advanced Approvals Enable Quote
    4. Advanced Approvals Email Templates
    5. Advanced Approvals Email Services
    6. Advanced Approvals Set Up Rule
    7. Advanced Approvals New Smart
    8. Advanced Approvals Dynamic Approvers
    9. Advanced Approvals Delegating Approvers
    10. Advanced Approvals Replacing Approvers

    Salesforce CPQ Key Features

    With our Salesforce CPQ Training in India, you can obtain Salesforce Certification in one month. Askelp Online Training Courses give you the opportunity to work with real-world projects.

    Learn from Salesforce experts and tap into the Salesforce community for more additional support.

    Lifetime Access

    With Salesforce CPQ Certification Training, you receive lifetime access to presentations, assignments, and installation guides.


    After each topic is completed, you will receive assignments that will help you to master the topic and to clear your Salesforce CPQ Certification.

    Real-life Case Studies

    With Askelp trainers, you will learn each and every topic through real-life case studies, making things more clear.


    In order to fulfill your dream, Askelp has designed the Salesforce CPQ Certification course based on the most up-to-date syllabus.

    Job Assistance

    Through Askelp, learners can explore more job opportunities related to newly acquired skills.

    24 x 7 Support

    To assist you with all of your questions, we have a team to support you all the time.

    Salesforce CPQ Certification Training Objectives

    No special qualifications are required in order to enroll in the Salesforce CPQ Training course. This course can only be taken by those who have completed simple graduation.

    You do not need any prior knowledge to enroll in this learning. An understanding of Salesforce technology is enough for the candidate. Trainees can provide assistance in figuring out what’s left.

    You will gain practical knowledge of Salesforce CPQ and its numerous quote and sales order methods when you complete these online classes.

    With this training, you will gain real-life industry experience from faculty with extensive knowledge of Salesforce CPQ.

    When you are certified in the Salesforce CPQ platform, you may achieve extra miles at work and can get the best pay as well.

    The trainers who work for us are all highly qualified and have a minimum of 10-12 years of experience teaching in their respective fields.


    Each of them has been screened, evaluated, and tested before they are approved to train for us. In addition, we hire only trainers who have impressive alumni ratings.

    Salesforce Specialized Training Services

    Our Salesforce training program is designed to ensure you master the concepts of becoming a Salesforce Professional.