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Utilizes every Salesforce module and capability to the fullest.


This training is open to anyone who is interested in learning Salesforce Vlocity online certification. It would be advantageous if you had previous IT experience.

  • Salesforce Certification Aligned Course
  • 25 Hours
  • 9 Assignments
  • 2 Projects

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    Salesforce Vlocity Online Course Syllabus

    A Salesforce Vlocity Developer can earn a salary of ₹5 Lakhs per year up to ₹21 Lakhs per year in India. Find out which companies offer the highest salary for Salesforce velocity jobs in India.


    You will be provided with a complete online training program for Salesforce Vlocity Developer, which will prepare you to become a successful professional. The Salesforce Vlocity Developer course provides you with enough exposure and will prepare you to complete a Hands-on Salesforce training course.


    Course Content

    1.Jason structure
    2.Jason Array

    1. Mappings
    2. Extract
    3. Turbo Extract
    4. Transform
    5. Load
    6. Formulas
    7. Best Practices
    8. Use Cases
    1. Uses
    2. Best Practices
    3. Blocks
    4. Frequently used Actions
    5. Use Cases
    6. Inegrating with External Systems
    7. Set Values
    1. Frequently used Actions
    2. Display Actions
    3. Inputs
    4. Functions
    5. Use Cases
    6. Groups
    1. Cards Overview
    2. Building Layouts
    3. Building Cards
    4. Card States and Flyouts
    5. Data Source to Cards and Layouts
    6. Vlocity Actions
    1. Order Decomposition
    2. Orchestrations
    3. Orchestration Plans
    4. Orchestration Items
    5. Orchestration Scenarios and Dependecies
    1. Overview of Product Creation
    2. Product Specs and Bundles
    3. Understanding Attributes and Attribute Categories
    1. Order Capture
    2. Pricing, promotions and Discounts
    3. Cart-based APIs and Digital Commerce APIs

    Salesforce Vlocity Key Features

    With our Salesforce Vlocity Training in India, you can obtain Salesforce Online Certification in one month. Askelp Online Training Courses give you the opportunity to work with real-world projects.

    Learn from Salesforce experts and tap into the Salesforce community for more additional support.

    Lifetime Access

    With Salesforce Vlocity Certification Training, you receive lifetime access to presentations, assignments, and installation guides.


    After each topic is completed, you will receive assignments that will help you to master the topic and to clear your Salesforce Vlocity Certification.

    Real-life Case Studies

    With Askelp trainers, you will learn each and every topic through real-life case studies, making things more clear.


    In order to fulfill your dream, Askelp has designed the Salesforce Vlocity Certification course based on the most up-to-date syllabus.

    Job Assistance

    Through Askelp, learners can explore more job opportunities related to newly acquired skills.

    24 x 7 Support

    To assist you with all of your questions, we have a team to support you all the time.

    Salesforce Vlocity Online Certification Training Objectives

    Discover the key features of Salesforce Architecture. Learn how to implement cloud computing services. To learn Salesforce CRM Data validation, Salesforce accounts, and Salesforce platform applications, as well as to build applications using Apex and Visual Force.

    The likes of Amazon Web Services, Accenture, and others use Salesforce. As Salesforce Vlocity’s demand increases, job opportunities are available worldwide. On the market, there are fewer skilled workers. Approximately 155,500 dollars are earned by the average Salesforce Vlocity Developer.

    The course is intended for aspiring Salesforce technology professionals as well as Salesforce developers, Cloud developers, Software developers, Data managers, System administrators, and professionals who wish to upgrade their skills with advanced technologies.

    The Salesforce Vlocity course has no specific prerequisites. Anyone can enroll in this training course if they’re interested.

    With this Salesforce Vlocity Developer certification, you will be able to find better employment opportunities and begin a better career path. Through this course, you will be on the path to a successful future. Hence, this course can be taken up by students with no hesitation.

    The trainers who work for us are all highly qualified and have a minimum of 10-12 years of experience teaching in their respective fields.


    Each of them has been screened, evaluated, and tested before they are approved to train for us. In addition, we hire only trainers who have impressive alumni ratings.

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    Our Salesforce training program is designed to ensure you master the concepts of becoming a Salesforce Professional.