Service Cloud is the world’s leading customer service medium. This includes everything from the account details to the call center service rules and automation.

The most important feature of this is to support or assist your customers with every single request for your product or service. It helps in sustaining your current customers and developing your brand furthermore. In general, it is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) medium to create a healthy understanding between the buyer and the seller.

The main objective is to create a one-to-one association with every customer around the globe with multiple inlets and widgets. Service cloud can attend and answer to the customer through a variety of social platforms or media and automatically direct the cases to the relevant agent or dealer.

With this, they process the service and find the right key commentaries and topics to support the customer. By promoting the complete picture of the requirement to the customer, the responses are made clear.

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Features Of Service Cloud

 Nine major key features are enlisted for service cloud by Salesforce.

Agent Workspace

This is a complete and custom-made user interface (UI) used for customer service representatives.

It proposes various productivity tools, systematic analytics, and customer opinions.

Case Management

Across numerous channels, representatives are allowed to use Service Console to fake multiple cases at once.

This feature is available through both desktop and mobile applications.

Knowledge Management

Representatives can build and access aids within the company’s knowledge base.

Service Process Automation

With artificial intelligence (AI) support operations can be motorized.

Omnichannel Routing

Factors like employee aptitude set and availability the issues and pieces of information can be automatically overseen to typical employees.

Superintendents can access a complete sight of routing and representative shifting.

Service Analytics

Dashboards provide workers with easy access to reporting and key CRM (customer relationship management) information, such as backlog computation, chatbot execution, case details, and importance, and representative productivity and movement.

salesforce service cloud features

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

With client data on hand, service calls to and from customers can be handled.

Automation With Macros

Repetitious customer service assignments can be computerized.

Asset And Order Management

Asset order management controls customer data such as their assets, demand records, and asset history.

Benefits Of Salesforce Service Cloud

The Salesforce Service Cloud is an online platform that can provide a lot of benefits for the business. It is a cloud-based platform that is used for improving customer service management. There are many benefits of using the Salesforce Service Cloud. Some of these benefits are:

Heightened Customer Satisfaction

With their company’s usage of Salesforce service cloud, the result of salesforce customer success has shown nearly a 32% increase in the last few years.

First-class Top-notch Service

In today’s market, Salesforce has become the world’s top-rated CRM technology.

Service Cloud helps the companies simplify their procedures and calls, lowering case resolution periods, and gradually improving customer satisfaction which is why they are top-notch performers.

Customer Information Is Stowed In A Single Application

With Salesforce Cloud you can save and store the customer’s complete details in a single application.

Effective work access attracts the customers actively. Usage of multiple notebooks, notepads, binders, and all other work pressures are reduced with the usage of the salesforce cloud.

Case administration, customer credentials, integration with heritage systems, pre-designed integration apps, routing, and upsurge, string control are some of the processes done by the Salesforce Service Cloud.

With Salesforce Service Cloud you can annihilate exploring through disjoined systems to settle your cases.

Extend Your Business Stature While Improving Sales Prospects

Service Cloud provides associations with more efficacious ways to enhance overall customer fulfillment to create a more respectable business in the online stretches, which further improve the sales possibilities.

Customers expect personalized and outstanding customer service which is fundamental for the attainment of your business.

How To Access Service Cloud In Salesforce?

With the service console app, you can provide fast assistance or track a specific case for an account. You can add additional objects for your support team, depending on your needs, in addition to Cases.

Simple steps are involved in accessing a Service Cloud Console.

  • First login to
  • On the Salesforce Setup page, search for Administer via Manager Users via Users.
  • Select the Edit link for the preferred user.
  • Now, select the Service Cloud User checkbox.
  • Click Save.

After saving, go to the Search Box and search for Apps.

  • Now, click on the Apps link.

Here, select the Console option from the New Custom App and go to Next.

Below there start entering the following details: App label, App name, Description

Enter Next and select an image for your app. Using the Insert an Image button upload an image for your app.

  • Select Next.

Now, add Accounts and Cockpit.

Select Next and click on the right options for the items selected.

  • If you wish for a primary tab then go for appearing as primary tab option.
  • Or else select As a Subtab of.
  • Click Next and then go for Visible columns to select the required profiles to make the console apps observable.
  • Now, Save the process and look for the console app in the drop-down box available on the top-right of the Gainsight option.

Reference: Enabling Service Console

Pros Of Salesforce Service Cloud:

  • Superfast set-up service.
  • Concentrated method of clearance control.
  • User key management.
  • Simple application programming interface integrations with additional third-party systems.
  • Wide range of elements and efficacy.
  • Fast and manageable integration.

Cons Of Salesforce Service Cloud:

  • To make the implementation satisfactory, you have to understand the data structure completely.
  • Communicating can be difficult if you are behind the status at documented points in the period.
  • Some components can be cost forbidden.
  • Too much information in one window can be exhausting if the case management and interface are a bit bygone.
  • Cases at times get delayed in position even if the agents are open to work because of the wagon functionality and are unpredictable with Omnichannel.
  • Evaluation is relatively lofty compared to other yields in the drive.

If you are looking for a solution to manage your sales and marketing activities, then Salesforce Service Cloud is the best choice. It has all the required features that can help you in managing your business effectively. The service also provides you with an opportunity to integrate various third-party applications like CRM, ERP, etc. Moreover, it offers you the ability to automate various processes of your company.

We hope that you will find this information useful while choosing the right cloud computing service. If you want more information on cloud computing services, then you can refer to our other articles as well.