Salesforce Jobs That Will Pay You The Most In 2022

Salesforce is a CRM platform that has been ruling the market for over two decades now. It has been able to maintain the consistency of its cloud-based services while re-inventing itself on a regular basis to stay in tune with the latest technology.

As more and more businesses are moving to the cloud and implementing Salesforce for handling their customer records, the demand for Salesforce professionals keeps increasing, making Salesforce a high-paying career.

If you learn Salesforce and get well-versed with its theoretical and practical aspects, you can land a high-paying job as a Salesforce professional at any company around the world. Considering the boom in the IT industry and the ever-increasing need for driving digitization, Salesforce would certainly give you a job that is stable and secure.

Here are some of the Salesforce jobs that would pay you the most in 2022:

Salesforce Technical Architect

When it comes to high Salesforce job salaries, Salesforce Technical Architect takes the cake. Also being the costliest certification to opt for, the job of a Technical Architect would pay you nothing less than $174,000. Salesforce Technical Architects often work on implementations and projects on a higher scale.

While this Salesforce job gives you a high salary, it demands a good amount of knowledge and skills as well. The Salesforce Technical Architect certification is arguably the most difficult one to obtain as it tests a range of different skills you possess.

As a Technical Architect, you would be required to be well-versed with coding, Salesforce integrations, suitable declarative solutions, business intelligence tools, and other relevant systems like AWS. While $174,000 is the average salary of a normal Technical Architect, a certified professional can demand more!

MuleSoft Technical Architect

Over time, MuleSoft has become an integral part of Salesforce when it comes to carrying out fruitful integrations. The CRM giant purchased MuleSoft in 2018 and has been helping organizations streamline a range of integration processes since then. As a MuleSoft Technical Architect, you can earn as much as $170,000 for your job while you help your clients drive digitization within their organizations.

MuleSoft Technical Architects help businesses utilize out-of-the-box API connectors that allow them to connect Salesforce with a range of different systems with or without an API.

Just like being a Salesforce Technical Architect, landing the job of a MuleSoft Technical Architect would require you to garner a range of different skills and holistic knowledge about the platform. It is the combination of practical knowledge and the right application of skills that makes this one of the most sought-after Salesforce job salaries.

Salesforce Development Manager

As the name suggests, a Salesforce Development Manager Shoulders the responsibility of managing a team of developers deployed to work on specific projects for the end-users. As a Salesforce Development Manager, you can earn as much as $164,000 for your job.

A Salesforce Development Manager is required to possess the right balance of technical and managerial skills. While the technical skills allow them to provide assistance to their team members and help their clients out throughout their projects, the managerial skills are needed to get the best out of the team of developers and guide them every step of the way as they work on their projects.

Salesforce Technical Consultant

This is another one of the highest Salesforce job salaries and would help you earn as much as $161,000 for your services. As a Salesforce Technical Consultant, you will be required to have complete knowledge of the developmental as well as a functional aspects of the CRM platform.

Technical Consultants generally work at dedicated Salesforce consultancies and provide personalized support to their clients across the board. One of the key reasons why a Technical Consultant is paid so much is that they can provide seamless assistance regarding almost any aspect of Salesforce.

Salesforce Solution Architect

A Salesforce Solution Architect is responsible for designing personalized Salesforce solutions and the software architecture that allows their clients to achieve their objectives in the best way possible. The job of a Salesforce Solution Architect can help you earn as much as $151,000 for your services.

A Solution Architect is often brought in for more complicated projects that may involve multiple departments, complex integrations, and multiple processes that need to be streamlined. As a Salesforce Solution Architect, you will need to understand the CRM platform inside out and be well-versed with the best processes for specific projects.

Salesforce Program Manager

The role of a Salesforce Program Manager is fairly similar to that of a Project Manager working in any industry. As a Program Manager, you will be responsible for ensuring a successful roll-out of Salesforce products according to the needs and requirements of your clients. This Salesforce job would allow you to earn as much as $142,000 for your services.

The aspect where a Program Manager differs from a Project Manager is that the latter may involve working on multiple projects simultaneously. This leads to greater complexity and requires the professional to possess better skills for handling multiple facets of Salesforce products while sticking to the overarching business objectives to be achieved.

Salesforce Functional Consultant

A Salesforce Functional Consultant is responsible for implementing specific Salesforce products based on the needs and preferences of their clients. They guide their clients every step of the way and provide suggestions and recommendations that are in their best interest.

Right from identifying the requirements of the customers to translating the same into personalized Salesforce solutions, a Functional Consultant ensures that a Salesforce product is implemented the right way and is suitable for attaining the desired objectives.

As a Salesforce Functional Consultant, you can earn as much as $139,000 for your services.

The Final Word

These were some of the highest Salesforce job salaries and the professions that can help you earn the same. In the age of digitization, learning a CRM platform like Salesforce and understanding its practical aspects would help you work for some of the best companies in the world and add value to their processes.