What Interview Questions Ask A Salesforce Developer in 2022?

The role of a Salesforce developer in implementing and operating the CRM platform is immense. They understand the specific business needs of their clients and help them build a CRM platform that is in sync with the same. Salesforce developers are the technical experts who give the right shape, look, and feel to the cloud-based software that would help their clients manage their customer records on a daily basis.

In the age of digitization, the demand for skilled Salesforce developers is steadily increasing. Organizations operating in almost all major industries have been implementing Salesforce to manage their databases and provide personalized services to their target audiences.

Over time, sectors like healthcare, education, and nonprofit organizations have also started using Salesforce to streamline their processes. Looking at this, it is safe to say that the need and relevance of Salesforce developers are here to stay.

However, it is important for an organization to hire the right Salesforce developer. As the demand for developers is high, a lot of aspiring developers are out there in the market looking for jobs. This makes it difficult for companies to make thorough assessments for making appropriate hires. As a result, reputed organizations have made the recruitment processes a little more stringent.

If you are willing to secure a job as a Salesforce developer in a noteworthy organization, you will need to know the technical aspects of the CRM platform like the back of your hand. The screening processes and interviews will be tricky to test your knowledge of the platform. It is, therefore, always important to be fully prepared whenever you go for a Salesforce developer interview.

Although a good portion of your interview will be devoted to practical applications of your skills, here are a few important Salesforce developer interview questions you should definitely be able to answer:

Explain cloud computing in brief?

Cloud computing can be referred to as the outsourcing of computer programs to achieve better flexibility and scalability. It allows users to work from any location and device as long as they have an internet connection and are logged into their accounts. Moreover, cloud computing involves computer programs and software platforms being hosted by an external entity residing in the “cloud”. This provides users with greater storage space, security, power, and customization.

What is a custom object in Salesforce?

A custom object is a Salesforce object that is not pre-built within the system once it is implemented. These objects are created by users as per the specific needs, preferences, and objectives of the organization.

Explain the difference between ISNULL() and ISBLANK() functions?

The ISBLANK() function is used for text fields. As it is not possible for a text field to be null, the ISNULL() function takes an empty value even if no value is provided in a field. If you use the ISNULL() field along with a text field, it will return false.

How is a role different from a profile in Salesforce?

In Salesforce, a role allows users to control access to the CRM platform while having an impact on the reports generated. Roles have control over the visibility level of the users in an organization. Users having specific roles are capable of viewing, editing, and reporting on the data shared or owned by users falling below them in the hierarchy.

On the other hand, profiles are compulsory to be maintained by all Salesforce users. A profile controls the access a user has within a Salesforce org. A user cannot operate in a Salesforce org without having a profile they are assigned to.

What do you mean by permission sets in Salesforce?

In Salesforce, a permission set refers to a dedicated collection of permissions and settings that allows users to access specific tools and functions. These sets are used for extending the functional access of Salesforce users without making any changes to their profiles.

What is SOQL?

SOQL stands for Standard Object Query Language. It is used for evaluating a single Salesforce object, a list of multiple objects, or as an integer for counting method queries. SOQL helps you in retrieving data from Salesforce and is contained within Apex or Visualforce.

What do you mean by workflows in Salesforce?

In Salesforce, a workflow is used for automating specific internal processes (preferably repetitive) to help users save time and effort in carrying them out manually. The main container for a dedicated set of Salesforce workflow instructions is called a workflow rule. A workflow rule has two major components – the criteria (which is the ‘if’ component) and the action (which is the ‘then’ component).

What are the two types of workflows in Salesforce?

The two types of workflows in Salesforce include immediate actions and time-dependent actions

Immediate action is fired immediately when the criteria for a Salesforce workflow are met. This leads to the associate actions being carried out as well. On the other hand, a time-dependent action is fired after a pre-decided period of time after the criteria for the workflow are met.

Define object relationship in Salesforce. List the different relationships?

In Salesforce, an object relationship can be defined as a two-way relationship between two Salesforce objects. These relationships can be carried out by creating custom relationship fields on a specific object. This allows users to view and access related data as they view specific records.

The key object relationships in Salesforce include:

  • Master detail relationship
  • Many-to-many relationship
  • Hierarchical relationship
  • Lookup relationship
  • External lookup relationship
  • Indirect lookup relationship

Name the different types of reports that can be created in Salesforce.

Here are the important types of reports that can be created in Salesforce:

  • Tabular reports
  • Summary reports
  • Matrix reports
  • Joined reports

The Final Word

These were some of the many important Salesforce developer interview questions you should know the answers to while appearing for an interview. Owing to the cut-throat competition in the industry, it is important to give equal (if not more) importance to applying technical knowledge for solving various issues faced by organizations using Salesforce.